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Frequently Asked Questions

New to Astat and wondering something?
Hopefully you will find your answer below and should it turn out that this is not sufficient, our customer service is open to you.

If you already have an account with Astat, the "Help" tab in the app is the best place to find answers.

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Is Astat a bank?

How do you create an Astat account?

Do you need BankID to use Astat's services?

No, not necessarily, but you must have one D-number.

When is their customer service open?

Our customer service is open all year round, 24/7!
Even on Christmas Eve!

Can I transfer from Astat to another account?

As of today, you can unfortunately not transfer to other Norwegian accounts.

We work to enable you to transfer money to other accounts. When this becomes available, we will let you know about it directly in the app and on our website.

Where is the money stored?

Your money is held by a large European banking partner and is protected for losses up to 100,000 euros (or equivalent value in Norwegian kroner) under the "European Deposit Guarantee Scheme" from 2014, enforced by the EU.

Do I have to be a Norwegian citizen?

No, you must not be a Norwegian citizen, but you must have a D-number.

How long does it take to become an Astat customer?

It usually only takes a few minutes. Opening an operating account should be easy.

Does Astat have any accounting integrations?

Yes, we have! We currently offer a Tripeltex integration.

Do we offer credit?

We offer credit through a banking partner.

What fees do we charge?

NOK 200 / month for sole proprietorships with a maximum of 1 user.

NOK 400 / month for AS with a maximum of 5 users.

Contact our sales department if you want more than five users.

Can I use Astat as my only banking platform - pay bills, get bills, etc?

Yes, that's why we're here.

What types of currencies do you support?

We support payments in all currencies in the Visa networks. Your account will be in either Norwegian kroner, Swedish kroner or euro depending on which country your company is registered in.

Can I share an Astat account?

Card sharing makes it harder to track expenses, and can put your company at risk of fraud. So we eliminate the need to do that at all, by offering personalized virtual cards to all employees.

Once you have registered for an account with Astat, our virtual cards can be issued, used in online stores, or added to Apple pay, or Google pay (coming soon).

User limits give you the reassurance that none of your employees spend more than they should, and put the company in danger.

Can the Astat account be used anywhere?

Astat cards can be used everywhere Visa cards are accepted, in stores and online. You can also use your Astat card with Apple pay or Google pay (coming soon).

Does Astat have an application for regular computers?

No we have not. We have made the administrative process with your business account so simple that you do not need anything other than your smartphone.

How do I freeze or block my card?

You can freeze or open your card directly in the Astat app. If you think your card details have been stolen, you can delete the card and issue a new one immediately.

Do I still have to make my expense reports when using Astat?

The brilliant idea behind Astat is to get rid of the expense reports. When you pay for something with Astat, you will immediately receive an alert on your mobile. Take a picture of the receipt and add some basic information about what you bought. That's it.
Our software will automatically categorize your purchase.
The manager or accountant can easily have a full overview of all transactions in real time and mark everything that needs more information.

How is my data protected?

Here at Astat, we take safety seriously. Our cardholder data is protected by advanced data encryption and stored at a PCIDSS Level 1 compatible data center in the EEA.

What is Astat's fraud policy?

All Astat purchases are monitored by algorithms that detect fraud attempts. This will cause your bank card to be temporarily blocked in case of suspicious activity. You will be notified via a push alert or by email if your card is blocked, with information about the suspicious transaction attached. If you recognize the transaction, you can reactivate your card via the app.

In addition to reactivating your card, you can also block your card immediately from the Astat app if you notice a suspicious transaction.

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